Mozambique Resource Management (MRM) – Life support and infrastructure developer specialised in Mozambique. MRM provides support to International companies aiming to work in the Mozambican Market. We offer a full range of business services, from feasibility studies to company operation and project development. MRM is focused on corporate consultancy services mainly for market entry needs into Mozambique as well as Enterprise risk management.

F-cubed : Carocell TM Direct Solar Powered Water Distillation

F Cubed has installed its technology in over 20 countries worldwide. Asia has been the major focus of the business with over 3,500 panels installed to date. A $50m climate fund project is just about to be concluded in Globally implementations have been primarily funded from governments and NGO’s and Charities such as the World Bank, UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, NZAID, ADB and many others.